Ready to Get to Work?

Right now there are local, state and federal political opportunities in need of Independents like you.

We are searching for the right candidates to support. Those who are doers, not just thinkers, with vision and common sense views, that are fiscally conservative with integrity, and the drive and courage to run for office. A strong democracy depends on engaged citizens and dedicated, competent, leaders willing to step forward and serve the public. 

Right now, you have the opportunity to make a real difference. Political campaigning is never easy. It’s even harder for someone who hasn’t done it before. Like anything else, the more you know, the better you are when you have the support of a national organization behind you.

The INC provides prospective candidates with the tools and resources to win. Our support staff will help you with training, developing a winning political strategy, and techniques for fundraising, grassroots support, communications, and digital strategies.  

If you have what it takes, the ambition, the drive, and the commitment to do what it takes, we will help you see it through. 

We are the Independent National Committee (INC), “The Party In-Between”. 

Become Part of Something Bigger, Run for Office.

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Thinking About Running for Office?

Every election cycle we recruit and provide training for Independents interested in running for local, state office. 

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The INC recruits and supports Independent candidates. Whether you are currently serving on the school board or in the state assembly, or if you are just beginning to think about running for elected office, we are certain our training can provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to run and win.  

Independent National Committee (INC).

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